Turkey Pictures

Spring Rio Gobbler, Medina County, Texas (just south of Bandera; 24 lbs., 11" beard, 15/16" spurs, 2 yrs. old; NWTF score = 64.75) taken with my Rem. Super Mag. with Bushnell's Holosight. Also, my Bucklick Creek lounger vest came in very handy in the open terrain (Apr. '99).

My first Fall Rio Gobbler, Cooke County, Texas (22 lbs., 6.5" beard, 1.5 yrs. old) with my Citori Hunter 12ga. (Nov. '97)

My setup on the Rio beside an Algerita bush. I dropped the gobbler at 27yds (see the upper right). (Apr. '99)

My setup in my Bucklick Creek lounger vest with Supermag. and Holosight (Apr. '99)

My setup with decoys behind me. The last thing this gobbler saw. (Apr. '99)

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