Lucy's EMT Gel Story

Lucy and I back in our Indiana home (Jan. '05)

My Llewellin, Lucy, is the new national ad dog for EMT Gel. Above is the national trade show poster ...look for upcoming ads rotated thru Pointing Dog Journal, Gun Dog, Pheasants Forever, and Quail Unlimited. I sold the rights to my story below to PBI Gordon/EMT Gel for $1, I receive no money or gain from this product endorsment ...I just think it is a good product. (pic: Lucy won a QU Chapt. derby trial in March '03)

  • Gordon's EMT Gel

    This is the email that I sent PBI/EMT Gel:

    "A Customer Testimonial:

    My Llewellin Setter, Lucy, sustained a 'life threating' injury on the quail opener in New Mexico on Nov. 15, '02. My buddy Rick and I hunted draws/flats all day between Deming and Lordsburg for Scaled Quail.

    Anyway, we hunted a draw and got back to the truck. I noticed a dime-sized blood clot on her neck. I started to clean it up and the blood started pouring down her neck. So, had my buddy, Rick, apply pressure; and I busted out my first aid kits (I'm known as safety troy in certain circles), EMT Gel'ed it with gause/tramua pads, and layers of Vet wrap around her neck to hold in place. She seemed fined (other than sencing me being very serious), no shock, good gums and breathing ....I worried major vascular injury to the neck. She was stable (we were 30min. off the nearest blacktop and total of 2hrs. to my vet in Las Cruces, NM).

    We arrived at the vet and as soon as they took off the bandage/Gel, blood squirted about 6" out of her neck! Fortunately, everything worked out fine. They sedated her, got the bleeding under control, and inserted a pimrose drainage with some stitches.

    All I can figure is that some high tension fence wire was laying on the ground and she ran over it and it jabbed her in the neck; she also had a gash on her right foreleg requiring 5 stiches.

    She got her stitches out a week later and is fine. I Gel'ed around the stiches daily: Thanks to EMT Gel."

    1 is entry wound and 2 is exit wound. (Nov. '02)

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