Upland/Llewellin Pictures

Roy and his new Llewellin buddy, Dutch (Mar. '01)

Troy with Sally, My cousin Pat Piper, and good friend Chris Tingley with Piper's Wildcard Jes (also a Llewellin Setter) (Feb. '98)

Troy and Dashing Crackerjack (Jack). Combing out and bonding after a long day's pheasant hunt. Note Jack lost one of his legs in a tragic accident, but he is still one of the best dogs that I've ever hunted behind. Jack is a pure natural, and "When the tailgate drops..." well, you know the rest! (Dec. '98)

Jonesey's 1st Annual Shootout on the Flatrock (12/97): Dan, Chris and Chance (EP), Seth and Bo (B), Troy and Jes (LS), Blackie and Pepper (EP), Pat and Rick (B), and Roy with Jack (LS). Not pictured Evan, King (LS), and Sally (LS). B=Brittany, LS=Llewellin Setter, and EP=English Pointer.

Dutch does his impression of an "irish" setter on St. Patrick's Day (Mar. '01) ..."hey pops, I see you over there. who's the guy with the funny face?"

Troy "cowboys-up" with a game face as Jack relaxes at the NLGDC trial (Mar. 01)

Dad with Jack, and Dashing Bondhu Kate at Crosley Wildlife Preserve (Nov. '94)

Roy and Sally on Point at the Flatrock Hunting Preserve (Feb. '98)

Will Conga for Grouse!! Sally and Roy prepare for a U.P. hunt (Oct. '99)

Roy and Sally at the Llewellin National Classic Shoot-to-Retrieve trial in Southern Illinois (Mar. '00).

Jack and Troy at the Llewellin National Classic Shoot-to-Retrieve trial ...we ran in some blizzard-like conditions (Mar. '00).

Well now isn't that sticker on our dog box sassy?!

Where does one draw the line for ones love for Llewellins!? ;) (Oct. '99)

Troy and Sparky's Bandit Bondhu at 6.5wks (May. '00)

Lucy backing Dutch on some Bobs ...a rare sight indeed, as it is usually the other way around ;) (Dec. '04)

Pat Piper's newest addition, Ben's Blue Blizzard (10 mo.; call name: Jake), on a New Year's Day chukar training mission (Jan. '01)

Sally and Jack point 2 different birds at once (Feb. '01)

Pat Piper and Jake at the National Llewellin Gun Dog Club trial (Mar. '01)

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