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The Amazing Katie B. and I were engaged 6 April 2005! Our initial friendship and subsequent dating (and falling in love) over the last 7 mos. has been the most rewarding relationship the we have known. We have very open communications and have discussed details of who we are; what we want wrt our careers, lives and family; our faith, our friendship/partnership of respect, patience and compassion. We kept coming to the same conclusion ...our love and relationship just feels complete and right for His glory. We are very happy and plan a small wedding for May 27th. (Ephesians 5:25; 2:10)

Me and my gal on her birthday (Feb. '05)

Dad and Mom at 19 yrs. (ca. 1963)

Grandma and Grandpa Piper (ca. 1950)

The truly Awesome Katie Baker and I cuddled up in our 22" of Indiana Christmas snow!! (Dec. '04)

My sweetie, Katie and I ...the most amazing gal I know ;) (Dec. '04)

Grandpa (Roy Kendall) and Grandma (Eunice May Adkins) Sparks (ca. 1940)

Grandpa (Irvin Harvey) and Grandma (Laura Jean Naden) Piper (ca. 1940)

HV, Lu J, and Me at Christmas (Dec. '04)

Katie and I at Christmas (Dec. '04)

Mom and her sister, Virlee (ca. 1949)

Mom, Dan, Evan,and Virlee; Grandpa and Grandma Piper (ca. 1971)

Katie and I having much fun shoveling out some 22" of snow at her parents house (Dec. '04)

Katie and I ...Let It Snow! (Dec. '04)

Roy, Mark, and I ...explorers extraordinaire (ca. '77)

All grown up! (Dec. '03)

Me enjoying a good exhale in the cold! ...see my breath on my left shoulder ...for Katie ;) (Dec. '04)

My Uncles, Evan and Dan Piper. The two greatest mentors and role-models my brother and I could have (Dec. '97)

Hey HV, Is dat salad good dere? or what, eh! Whatever you do...Don't hold back baby!!

My very much missed sister, Becky (1964-1994), and her dog Cinnamon.

My very much missed father, Roy Jr. (1944-1997), and his Llewellin Setter, Jack (Sept. '94)

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